Vallourec in France

The Group's historical and technological cradle, the Europe/Africa Region serves all of Vallourec's markets from its production and service units. The industrial activity includes rolling mills, heat treatment, finishing and specialities plants.




Vallourec has two industrial sites and one R&D center in France serving all of the Group’s markets. The Group’s head office and the cross-functional departments, which are responsible for business development, innovation, strategy and industrial performance, are located in France too.

About 50 years ago, French Vallourec teams designed VAM®, the first premium OCTG connection. Today, the Group relies on a center of excellence consisting of one R&D center and test units in Aulnoye-Aymeries to develop new products for its customers worldwide.

The Group’s pioneering spirit is also visible in the teams in charge of developing our new service offering equipped with the latest digital technologies and supporting the 4.0 development of our industrial footprint.

Operations are based on a strong complementarity between the Vallourec Tubes France and Vallourec Oil & Gas France units, which provide finishing operations (heat treatment and threading), and the rolling mills based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

In Aulnoye-Aymerie, Vallourec Oil & Gas France produces premium OCTG connections and operates the Group’s first Cleanwell ® industrial line. Besides, in this site we manufacture accessories for oil and gas companies s services. Finally, VAM® Services design calibration tools for VAM® network licensees worldwide.

This footprint is supplemented by specialized industrial and commercial units for mechanical tubes (Forge PFP®), offshore umbilical tubes (Vallourec Umbilicals) and shaped seamless tubes (Forge PFP®) markets.

Serimax, the Vallourec’s subsidiary offering integrated premium welding solutions for offshore and onshore pipelines, operated three centers in France to develop its offerings.

Our non polluting multi-function coating on VAM® connections replaces both the storage and running compounds.
Forge PFP®
At its PFP® forge in Aulnoye-Aymeries, Vallourec has been producing shaped seamless tubes since 2009.

Join us

Join us

Motivation and commitment go hand in hand with the career opportunities in France and abroad that the Group offers its teams.
To encourage our employees to achieve their professional and personal goals, training and skills development occupy a strategic position in our HR policy. We are convinced that the diversity of career paths and skills is the richness of a company and that structures on a human scale, within a large international group, encourage autonomy, responsibility and personal fulfilment for each individual. Joining us means taking part in a human and collective adventure where entrepreneurship, experience and creativity are combined to meet the technological challenges and expectations of our customers.

At Vallourec, professional opportunities are as varied as our businesses and we recruit all types of profiles: students, juniors and experienced professionals. 

The Group offers internships and work-study contracts for all levels of study and all professions at all our production and R&D sites and at our headquarter. Our aim is to offer you an enriching experience within an international Group. 

Always in search of talent, Vallourec has developed partnerships with engineering and business schools, digital training and universities.
Plant visits, thematic round tables, conferences and debates on professional and scientific projects are regularly organized to give students opportunities to discover Vallourec’s operations, know-how and values. Missions that are truly empowering are offered to you in the form of internships and work-study contracts within our units in France and abroad for “VIE” assignments.

Find us

Find us

Vallourec - Siège social

12 rue de la Verrerie
92190 - Meudon
[email protected]

Serimax - Siège social

Rue mercier
77290 - Mitry-Mory
[email protected]

Vallourec Tubes France

Forge d'Aulnoye
64 rue de Leval - B.P. 159
59620 - Aulnoye-Aymeries
[email protected]


Rue Mercier
2 bis rue du marchois
02600 - Villers-Côtterêts
[email protected]

Serimax Holding

Welding technology center
346 rue de la belle étoile
95926 - Roissy-en-France
[email protected]

Vallourec Oil and Gas France

54 rue Anatole France - B.P. 1
59620 - Aulnoye-Aymeries
[email protected]

Vallourec Research Center France

Rue Leval - B.P. 20149
59620 - Aulnoye-Aymeries
[email protected]

Vallourec Service Center

148 Rue Stephenson, ZAC Technopôle Transalley

59300 - Famars
[email protected]